Friday, August 17, 2012

Meeting the Sisters Tomorrow!

Hey y'all! All my photos are at school so...again, I lose, and my room reveal for today won't be happening...because {!!!} i'm in Atlanta at a Daily 5 conference...with the sisters! My apologies, they will be up next week! I promise!

Me and some amazing coworkers just arrived at the Ritz {we went big!} and are having a blast! It's so wonderful being with a group of people that are so passionate about their job! :)

So excited for tomorrow! :) Daily Five 411 here I {we} come...!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Almost finished...!

Hey y'all! Long time no blog. So sorry! I've been in PDs and in my classroom for two weeks. New classroom, new content...lots to do! I have more PDs this week, but hope to get all of my classroom reveal pictures up by Thursday! Here's a little peak! And then...onto more consistent blogging! I'm slowly getting back into the groove.

From now until whopping TWO (ha!) TPT products are on sale until Thursday! ;) come visit!

I also have made several Daily Five Cafe/ Face signs for some co-workers recently. They're too cute! I'll be posting soon to give them away!

Talk soon!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back At It...Mon! ;)

I'm back mon! Sadly, my honeymoon has ended and I'm back from Jamaica. Tommy and I had the BEST time and are sad to return- though I am EXCITED about getting into my classroom this week! Our resort was absolutely wonderful...all inclusive is the way to go!
{Read all the way through to see the reveal of the chevron beauty from last post!}
Tommy and me on our balcony- Negril, Jamaica

About to go to dinner one night...yum!
 We mainly relaxed on the beach - but we did canoe a few days and go on a catamaran one evening! Everything about the trip was wonderful.  I couldn't ask for a better husband and friend- we are so excited about our future together! But, unfortunately, it's time to come back to reality...!
I was able to get into my classroom a bit early...WAHOO! I have moved rooms {again!} and walked into a wonderfully clean room with a PILE of boxes...YUCK! So I have spent this week unpacking and slowing bringing all of my treasures from home back into school.  Below are some pictures of the room upon entering...blank slate I tell ya! My room does have two windows- which I am pumped about! Not only does it mean natural light, but it also means I can make TWO cute valances to match. ;)
The lovely pile of my things.

View from the door.
Doorway and outside bulletin board. I've never had one of these!

Right side- two chalk boards! Though, I don't use them as chalk boards {eek...I HATE writing on them!} I LOVE them because they become a magnetic bulletin board!

View from the Smartboard.

 So, I have a lot to work with and a lot to do! I have done a lot this week, but it is no where near completion!  I will post again when it is finished! SOO EXCITED to make it cozy and intentional! As you can see in this last picture...some of my treasures came with me on the first day. :)

I shall continue to work on some crafting and things at home until Monday. Tommy and I painted several sets of shelves tonight- YAY for my GRAY shelves, gotta love sticking to a color scheme! {And the help of my hubby...!} Can't wait to put it all together!

Now..for those of you who were wondering...!  This beauty above is my NEW DOOR MAT for my classroom! How adorable?! I purchased it on Etsy {of course!}, from LoveyDoveyCreations and absolutely am in LOVE! Yeah, yeah, I know it will get dirty fast...but I couldn't help myself. It came in while we were gone - I'll post pics of it in my room shortly! 

Teacher Name Banner Back to School Custom Banners
Click the photo for a link to her shop!
I also have a custom Etsy order coming from Belinda {found on Pinterest, duh!}as blogged about by my good friend Katie King, Queen of the First Grade Jungle. Can't wait to see what Belinda has done for me!

Until then...happy weekend, y'all! ;)