Monday, September 17, 2012

Classroom Reveal...About time, right?!

Holy cow, I definitely receive the worst blogger EVER award.  I suppose I did too much, too soon...I thought I was ready! Ha! are some of the photos of my classroom, finally.
My room!
IKEA pillows, FACE (CAFE) Board and painted shelves! A colleague of mine handed me down this adorable rocker, too!

Target chairs and bean bags, IKEA table, big lots rugs

Self-made job chart, FREE on my TPT page!

Our cozy carpet area.

Wooden houses that I painted to match my room! Each house has a student number on it on a clip so each student may switch out his/her own work! The banner was purchased at MeadowsBrook on etsy.

Hobby Lobby fabric curtains, sewn (with glue, ha!) by yours truly. :)

Not sure why this one's blurry...but...I painted wooded circles and put scrap book sticker numbers on them!

Cara Carroll's rhyming phrases - love 'em!

 I bought these letters at Hobby Lobby and covered them with scrap book paper - I ADORE them!

 My lovely reading/writing table - my kiddos have been using it and LOVE it! Perfect size for them.  They have also been using it to play math games. The lamps were purchased for $2 something at a thrift store and how cute are they now?!
 My book nook area - kind of over flowing with "reading rugs" but my students use them every day during read to self time.  My students each have a reading spot that rotates daily which keeps them excited each day! (I have a student switch the chart each day - so it's easy peezy!)

Book boxes from IKEA

My students use their book boxes EVERY day for read to self time!  We are up to 18 minutes...almost there! (This picture is an OLD picture of our stamina graph...!)
 My students will be using these Beanie Babies (cleaned out from my mom's basement...yes, they are all my personal treasures from childhood and yes, I thought they would be worth big bucks one day...) to read to during read to self time! I also plan to use them for a writing activity during Daily 5's work on writing time!
 Gray bins being put to use to hold math and literacy games/activities.
 Katie King's word wall packet - LOVE it!

 I purchased this raggedy mirror at a thrift store for nothing and turned it into a motivational tool!  My students walk past the mirror every day- I try to use it to build self-esteem and keep them believing in themselves!

IKEA stools at the reading table! LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM! They slip right under the table to get out of the way when not in use.

My "desk"/ tiny table/ computer hub behind the reading table...I just love my cozy corner!

Even chevron on my morning message...

Made to match Cara Carroll's math notebooks! I used a think dry erase board and hot glued it to the bulletine board
Our calendar area.

Already dirty, of course, but cute none the less! Purchased from LoveyDoveyCreations on Etsy!

The ugliest part of my classroom... a sink from the 70's. But hey, I'm happy to have one in the room!
My lovely Keurig...this sweet thing keeps me goin'!

My teacher board is already full of deadlines and important information. Gotta love the $1 board though with a stenciled blue bird.  ;)

"Math About Me" was completed the first week of school. I left them hanging for open house because they're too stinkin' cute.

Katie King's math sheets were used for morning work until the 20th day! Pencils and supplies stored in my $1 Target bin finds. LOVE them!

 Well, that's all folks! ;)  'Bout time right?! I hope to be back at it again in the next week!


  1. I spy Shark in the Park!!! :-) We read that book a few weeks back.

    I love the chevron curtains! Hobby Lobby? I'm going to make a headboard for my spare bedroom using that same fabric. I just wish I could buy it in every color!

    1. Yes, we read it at the beginning of the year, too! Sh- and -ar words galore! ;). And yes the curtains are from hobby lobby! I LOVE them too! I'm about to reupholster my mom's dining room chairs with it. :) thanks for looking at my page!

  2. Ali - your class is adorable. I love the chevron and it's HUGE. My classroom is so much smaller. I just found you and am your newest follower. I love your blog title too.
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  3. Well worth the wait Ali! It looks fabulous. Love the chevron sprinkled in-ohhh just noticed it on your sidebars. You matchy matchy-so clever :)
    Also completely obsessed with Keurig-best.thing.ever!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade